T he main benefit for small and medium-sized businesses that switch to a Unified Communications platform is the ability to stay lean and focused. Because hosted services scale so economically to even very small groups, hosted Unified Communications stays cost-effective regardless of the size of the organization. A hosted system also allows smaller organizations to reduce or eliminate the need for technical support staff, freeing up resources that would be better spent on core competencies and aspects of the business that directly drive revenue.

As more and more SMBs are feeling the economic pinch, there is a growing movement towards finding simpler and more cost-effective solutions to the problems that all businesses face. Thanks to advancing technology and the robustness of modern IP networks, KDDMWorX is able to offer communication solutions that not only add important functionality but also reduce startup and operational costs significantly.

KDDMWorX can help your business eliminate the need for major on-site equipment, while providing cutting-edge communications tools that will substantially lower your ongoing expenses. With our hosted Unified Communications business solutions, businesses can realize astonishing cost cutting in their business communications budget so contact us today to learn more about our unified communications services for small- and medium-sized businesses.


Selecting a cloud and Unified Communications provider can be tricky, especially when so many boast “the best” solutions. Here’s why you can trust us:

Trusted Partner

You get a highly experienced partner that has over 50 years of combined industry experience. We value each and every client relationship and genuinely care about your success.


KDDMWorX provides Unified Communications solutions to small-mid size business at affordable rates. We aim to provide the best in class solutions without breaking the bank.


We understand that business communications are the heartbeat of your business. That's why we guarantee that your business services will be up and running when you need them.


We don't believe in one size fits all cookie cutter type business solutions. Our UC solutions are 100% scalable and can adapt to whatever changes your business may encounter along the way.


Recent advances in modern communications technology are giving small- and medium-sized businesses the leverage they need to punch well above their weight in the global marketplace. This heightened flexibility, however, means IT departments now have more responsibility to stay ahead of the game. They must not only continue to fulfill the traditional role of maintaining technological infrastructure, but they must also think strategically and find new ways to leverage technology to a greater advantage. In essence, they’re attempting to do more with less. And this is a game many IT departments are likely to lose.

Strategic businesses, though, recognize it’s impossible for IT to adequately perform an expanded list of duties with reduced staffing and budget. That’s why these businesses choose to reduce their IT departments’ scope so they can focus more effectively on efforts where IT can do the most good. One of the key technological elements contributing to modern business flexibility is the development of unified communications (UC) platforms.

Unified Communications allows business communications to function seamlessly regardless of time and geography. Integrating a business’s entire communications framework under one interface decentralizes that system and makes it accessible from anywhere via any number of endpoints. Such increased efficiency and productivity are so widespread now, they’ve become both a standard of doing business and a competitive necessity. That’s why many businesses are no longer considering if they need Unified Communications functionality, but instead wondering how soon can they get up and running using it. Increasingly, businesses respond to the question by choosing to employ a third-party, hosted solution like KDDMworX.


KDDMWorX Unified Communications solutions give your business the edge.

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