H iring a permanent employee means writing an enticing job description, getting the word out, screening resumes, interviewing candidates and onboarding. All while keeping up with your job. Or you can ask us for help. After all, our direct hire staffing recruiters have an average of 10 years experience in their industries. It's their permanent job.


Find the best candidates. Even if they're not looking.

Competition for top talent can get pretty fierce. That's because many of the best candidates are already working. Do you want to settle for the best of what's available, or do you really want to find the best person for the job?

Let's just assume you said "the best person for the job." Well, we know people like that. Top-notch, hard-to-reach passive candidates. The people you may not find through a small agency or a job board. The people who will make a move for the right opportunity—your opportunity. Those are the people we place every day, in every industry, all over the country. How do we know them? Our recruiters are experts at networking. They have professional relationships with the country's best candidates. Ready to meet them? We'd love to introduce you.

Get the right person for the job.

There's a process for finding you the best direct hire candidates. Here's how it works:

Looking to hire at a higher level?

Need to bring in a senior manager, director, vice president or C-level exec? Contact us and we'll introduce you to our retained search group.They're completely focused on placing higher ups and can get you access to the executive-level ($100K+ salaries).

Staffing services that put employers and job seekers in a position to win.

KDDMWorX implements the core concepts and tools of contemporary strategic marketing management—from market segmentation and product positioning to consumer needs and buying behavior to digital and social media marketing. The MTeaM will emerge with the skills and framework to develop and manage an integrated marketing strategy that creates value for your customers and generates profitable growth for your firm.

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