I magine this: you need someone to work for you. Right away. But, for whatever reason, you're just not ready to commit to a permanent hire yet. So, you get that someone, they handle the work, but someone else takes care of tracking their hours, cutting their checks and providing their benefits. Now stop imagining. Because it's real. And it's called temp-to-hire.


Take top talent for a test drive.

Of course every candidate you see from us has been thoroughly screened and pre-qualified (we'll get to that below), but there's nothing like actually seeing someone in action. With a temp-to-hire arrangement, you really get the full experience. You can see, first-hand, if our associates have the right skills to do the job and the right personalities to be happy on your team. Then you get to decide if you want to commit to a permanent offer. One thing is for sure—if you do decide to hire them you won't have to worry about getting them up to speed. Talk about being in the driver's seat.

Get the best candidates we have to offer.

When you take on a temp-to-hire candidate, you can be sure they've been fully screened and evaluated.

Benefits covered. Skills sharpened. Expectations set.

Since your temp-to-hire candidates are actually KDDMWorX associates, they can enroll in our group benefits plan. So they get access to preventative medical coverage, dental insurance, a 401(k) program and more. They also get access to our Skill-builder online training program. So they can polish their skills or learn new ones. Just let us know what you need them to practice—or they can choose to do it on their own.

In addition, we believe in transparency with all of our candidates, so we let them know up front which temp positions have the potential to turn into permanent jobs. This way, everyone knows what to expect.

Keeping employees healthy, trained and informed. That's a recipe for happiness—for them and for you.

Staffing services that put employers and job seekers in a position to win.

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