“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” – Jack Welch


Vice President

Client Fulfillment

(832) 225-6226 x103

I am dedicated to seeing independent businesses rise to the next level.To help I constantly create and bring the words of others to a higher standard. I am dedicated to ensuring that the message that you want to create comes to life. Educated in both technical and creative writing. I strive to bring a blend that both intrigues and informs the reader. As an editor I bring an eye not only for the technical aspects of the work but the tone and presentation ensuring that work is concise while conveying the message with style and integrity.


Business Development Manager

Corporate Office

(832) 225-6226

My passion is identifying rising business opportunities and building long-term relationships with our clients and prospects. Primarily I evaluate the current performance and find ways to help KDDMWorX reach its full potential.


Artist & Designer

Client Fulfillment Department

(832) 225-6226

Young, energetic and talented professional bringing a wealth of knowledge, technical expertise and strong organizational skills. Eager to learn, serve and work hard. Seek to improve my skills and develop into an important contributor at KDDMWorX. Specialties: 3ds Max, UDK, Graphic Design, Sketch Art, Creative Writing, Presentation Building. Competent with Microsoft Office (especially PowerPoint), Adobe Photoshop, Flash...


Artist & Designer

Client Fulfillment Department

(832) 225-6226

Spent ten years working Renaissance Festivals and dabbling in various forms of art and media, I'm an artist, photographer and writer who learned to funnel his talents into Media and the management thereof.



noun: team work

the combined action of a group of people, especially when
effective and efficient.

Team KDDMWorX is a culmination of experienced, driven people who care more about results, and the relationships we build, than about proving how clever we are. KDDMWorX effectively becomes a valuable extension of our clients' teams.